The origins of Colombo

Domenico Maffei known as “Ampolletta” was the only gunner on the occasion of the British landing commanded by William Bentick in December 10, 1813, he fired a cannon shot from Matilde Tower against the British ships that were about to get in Viareggio. Because of this action, Princess Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte gave him a piece of sandy shore as a prize where Maffei built one of the first beach club in Viareggio, the “Colombo”.
Domenico Maffei (1790 – 1875), was succeeded by his son Eugenio Maffei (1838 – 1922), and around 1930 the beach club was shared among Eugenio’s sons: Guido and Alessandro gave birth to the current Colombo Guido and Colombo Alessandro beach clubs.

In a book, a famous writer from Viareggio, states that Colombo was the favourite beach club of “Parish Priests and Pri-ors”, and during an interview in 1988 to Mr. Ubaldo Maffei, Guido’s son: “Is it true that Pope Pacelli attended Colombo Guido?” – Ubaldo answers – … Yes, Pacelli came here in the first years of the 20th century, as evidenced by the stone in San Paolino church: he was a young priest, thin, always impeccable. He was served by my father, a kind person with a gentle temperament. He bathed after putting on a sheet of laundry that was closed at the neck as a barracan. Whenever he met someone from this area, he asked about Guido and sent him greetings from Rome, he did this until he died. – “Do you remember other illustrate prelates?” – Monsignor Volpi from Lucca and father Dini, who were true Christians.

Today the beach club is managed by Riccardo, nephew Ubaldo Maffei.

Colombo Guido beach club was awarded in the 1th edition AFIB 2013 “Stories & Seaside Identities” as the best story of the 14th National Edition of the Italian Seaside Story in March 2013 at Carrara.